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                 Hainan International Resources Group Co., Ltd.澳门太阳赌博城2007
        Hainan International Resources Group Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as Hainan International Resources Group) is a resource-based enterprise, with the approval of Hainan Provincial Government, founded on the basis of Hainan Golded Industrial Company in 2009, jointly invested by Hainan Provincial Bureau of Geology, China-Africa Fund and Hainan Iron & Steel Group, registered in Haikou.
        Hainan Golded Industrial Company was wholly invested by Hainan Provincial Bureau of Geology, in Jan 1991. Mainly specialize in mining resources, Geotourism and the program of port logistics system. Contruct the international trade of mining resources. With the high-efficiency management,the company develope fast, net asset increased by 20 times. After 2009, the company increase the capital and share between 2010 to 2011 with registered capital increase from 10 million RMB to 470 million RMB. 
        The company vigorously implemented the strategy of “Sea strategy”and “out-Sea strategy”, speeding up the conturction of the mining processing not only in Hainan also the internationl market. Try our best to achieve the increasing of both asset size and management benefit. At present, its business has expanded to Mozambique, Tanzania, Congo (Kinshasa), Peru, Bolivia, Laos and western African countries. Own 27 mining rights, 35 Rederved and Processing mining rights, 6 foreign wholly owned subsidiary, 5 holding company.And together forms a international,colltivize and intensive management. The company will implement the strategy of resources expansion,make effort on develope the mineral resource, also become a international known resource type enterprise Group with good economic benefit and asset size more than billions.www.02022007.com

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